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Maintaining and running five Class 108 Diesel Multiole Unit Vehicles



Preservation Information
50933 was preserved by a private individual in 1993 and moved to 
Peak Rail. 50933 was repainted into BR Green livery in 2002, although the other two vehicles in the set remained in as withdrawn BR Blue/Grey.

In 2008, the Peak Rail fleet was quickly sold to the Dean Forest DMU Group. However, with two already restored DMBS vehicles already at the DFR, 50933 was effectively surplus to requirements.

At around the same time, the DMU Group lost DMBS 51935 to an arson attack, 50933 was sold to the group and became a permanant resident at the SVR. Much mechanical overhauling was then undertaken before 50933 entered regular service in July 2009.

Between August and October 2010, 50933 was in Bewdley carriage workshop for extensive renovation work. The vehicle was also repainted and then relaunched into passenger service. During this period of work the western region style hi intensity headlight was removed and replaced with a conventional example to match the rest of the SVR fleet, the (historically incorrect for green livery) M53933 number was also changed to M50933




Preservation Information
56208 was withdrawn from BR service in March 1993 and was saved by DMU Group West Midlands, the vehicle moving to the 
Severn Valley Railway in December 1996.

The vehicle was the last of five Class 108 vehicles to be aquired from BR, and enabled the group to form two operating sets, one 2-car and one 3-car set.

The vehicle was repainted into BR green and entered service in July 1997.

In 2007 56208 went into Kidderminster carriage works for a C3 overhaul.

In 2009, the driving cab of 56208 was given a through clean and a fresh coat of paint. The corridor end received repairs. A bespoke buffet counter s was also designed, manufactured and fitted to the vehicle and In 2010, the first class saloon was partially refurbished.

April 2015 saw 56208 moved to Peak Rail for contract bodywork and a repaint, the vehicle returning to the SVR just two months later.

June 2015 saw the Buffet Counter removed and seats replaced in the rear saloon

DTCL Built 1958. First class and standard class seating, originally offering 63 seats in total. Drivers compartment at one end.



DMBS Built 1960, One class of 52 standard seats. Drivers compartment at one end, large guards brake area at rear. Two 150 hp engines under the floor.

Vehicle Details of our Two Car Unit


A total of five cars are operated by the Group. This situation allows us to be very flexible in providing the optimum number of cars to suit varying traffic requirements and also offer bespoke charter trains.

We typically provide a train made up of the full five cars and this is a usual consist for the Evening Scenic Land Cruise trains that run on selected Saturdays during the summer.

Alternatively, and for other services, shorter three car or two car combinations can be used, whilst just occasionally a four car unit has been seen in service.

A three car unit typically includes our main bar facility, called 'The Travelling Tavern', situated within the centre car.

 A Two car set normally comprises a saloon car  and a brake car,

which also has accommodation   for wheel chair users