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Maintaining and running five Class 108 Diesel Multiole Unit Vehicles


Latest News

June 20th


The full five car set is now available for traffic, The Railways C&W having completed the necessary repairs.


The units next date in service is the 30th June/1st July as a relief train at the 40’s weekend and the first Scenic Rail Cruise it will operate is the 14th July.


May 21st

It is hoped that the three car unit will be available for traffic again from Friday 25th May, however the Scenic Evening Rail Cruises will continue to be loco hauled until such time as the five car is available once again.


May 6th


Apologies for the lack of website updates, your webmaster has been very busy recently.


As most of you are aware the unit is currently out of traffic receiving  repairs by the railways Carriage and Wagon Team.


It is hoped that the three car unit (52064/59250/51941) will be available for use again by the end of May.






52064’s new engine has had an electic fan setup added during the time where the unit has been out of traffic and this is hoped to be rolled out on all cars when time permits.


March 29th


The unit is  currently out of service undergoing a door exam by

The railways C&W team, it is hoped that the three car unit will be available for the first Scenic Cruise on April 21st.


March 13th:

Due to a change within Serif Web Resources which we use for our blog, unfortunately as of the 1st April the blog will change on the the website.


Whilst we will continue to write the blog, it will not be possible for the archive to go back more than a few months.


We will attempt to back up the archive onto a hard drive prior to this date and anyone who wishes to view the archive document can contact us.


Back to the unit, unfortunately the unit is currently out of traffic until mid April requiring some attention before it can be used in passenger service again, we hope to have the unit back out on the 21st April.