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DMU Group West Midlands

Welcome to the web site of the voluntary group that operates the diesel multiple units along the

Severn Valley Railway through the lovely English countryside of Shropshire and Worcestershire.


The Small but Important Print:

Opinions:- Any opinions or views stated on this web site are (where appropriate) entirely those of the web manager, or contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the DMU Group (West Midlands) which owns and operates the historic diesel multiple units on the Severn Valley Railway. In addition, any opinions and views  also do not reflect the opinions  or views of the Directors of either Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC, which owns  the Severn Valley Railway, Severn Valley Railway Company Limited, the members of which are responsible for its operation, or the supporting body, the Severn Valley Railway Association.


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Disclaimer:- All information is shown in good faith, in an attempt to demonstrate the DMU Group (West Midlands) determination to continue to offer train services, and attract patronage (to generate income) to ensure the continuing preservation of the historic diesel multiple units in their care. Please note all information could be subject to change or cancellation, even at short notice. No responsibility or liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies or any loss, injury, inconvenience, delay or damage sustained from whatever cause. Inclusion on this web site does not imply a recommendation.

Views made to the DMU Group Website since January 2017

Photographs used on this website with thanks to: Malcolm Raineri, Ian Parker, Mark Miller, Martin Creese & Ian Murray.

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Latest Photos from the DMU Group West Midlands

On Friday 29th September the DMU Group in conjunction with 30742 Charters carried out its

Night Photo Shoot at Arley Station using Cars 50933 & 56208.

More photos are available on the Photo Charter page of the web site Here. Photo: Mark Miller

Photo: I Murrary

Photo: M Miiler

Photo: M Crrese

Photo: M Miiler

Photo: M Crrese

Photo: M Raineri