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Maintaining and running five Class 108 Diesel Multiole Unit Vehicles




The Severn Valley Railway is primarily a preserved line using steam locomotives However,

it was recognised that the heritage type of diesel multiple units or, DMU's as they are termed, still deserved a place on the railway.

Many hundreds of these trains were built in the 50's and 60's for use all over Britain as part of a modernisation scheme. All have now disappeared forever and only due the dedication of the

members of the DMU Group (West Midlands) have 5 of the coaches been saved for use on the

Severn Valley Railway. They have now been in preservation action here for more than fifteen years

Today the
DMU's do not replace steam operated trains and instead they supplement them with extra services, including a very popular 'Saturday Evening Rail Cruise' . As the name implies this is an excursion along the scenic Severn Valley line on Saturday evenings from May to September.

What is a DMU


DMU's are groups of 2 or 3 interconnected coaches using diesel engines as a method of propulsion, which are located underneath the floor. The grouped coaches can be joined to other similar groups to form a multiple of these units requiring only one driver to control them in this situation.


In the end coaches of each group the glass front offers splendid panoramic views of

the Severn Valley Line for the travelling occupants and prove to be very popular.

You can also see what the driver gets up to.




Train Hire


Did you know that it is possible to hire out the DMU for your own exclusive charter or special excursion along the Severn Valley Railway?

Event organisers should contact the Railway Headquarters for more information

click here (links through to the external Severn Valley Railway website).

For further information about the variety of DMU coach combinations that

can be offered please click here.




The DMU comes complete with a refreshment counter service offering hot and cold drinks,

alcoholic beverages plus light snacks such as chocolate, crisps, etc.

This is called the 'Travelling Tavern' and is normally open on most services.

Disabled Passengers


For the less able passenger, the group has converted our car number 50933 to allow

wheelchair users and their party to travel  on the DMU.

Unfortunately there is no disabled toilet facilities on board.


Details on how to Join the DMU Group Can be found Here

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